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A Note to Parents About Physical Rehabilitation and Young Athletes

November 26, 2014 · Leave a Comment 

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article noting that “More than 3.5 million children a year receive treatment for a sports injury.”  Given this statistic, it’s important for parents to understand that young athletes...

Sciatica Pain Relief

lumbar pain

Exercises That You Can Do For Sciatica Pain Relief

January 2013 · Leave a Comment 

Sciatica (or sciatic neuritis) is a set of symptoms arising from the compression or irritation of the sciatic nerves or nerve roots. It is experienced as pain in the lower back and buttocks, and sometimes in the legs and feet, and may be accompanied by tingling sensations or numbness, muscle weakness and restricted leg movement. The pain may be felt to “travel” down the leg, and is commonly...

Shoulder Pain Cures

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When Should You Call a Local Walnut Creek CA Chiropractor About Shoulder Pain?

June 2011 · Leave a Comment 

Shoulder pain is definitely a prevalent problem, and there are lots of factors causing this condition. Like most pain conditions, the earlier you receive proper care the sooner the pain will go and let you get back to doing your regular activities, the earlier you receive suitable...

Back Pain Help

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For High School Athletes, Sports-Related Back Pain Starts Early

July 2014 · Leave a Comment 

People often assume that lower back pain (LBP) is just a problem just for the elderly, or for middle-aged adults who have a history of physical wear and tear. But this is simply untrue. The fact is that over 31 million Americans live with lower back pain on a regular basis, and a great number of them...


lumbar pain

Looking for Headache Relief? Combining Chiropractic Care with Acupuncture May Help!

August 2014 · Leave a Comment 

If you suffer from migraine headaches, you know that they’re not “just headaches”. Migraines can be so painful as to be debilitating, and may include secondary symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, and extreme lethargy. They affect more than 37 million people in the United States. Unfortunately, they’re often difficult to treat and conventional approaches—principally medication—frequently don’t provide the relief patients need. The same drugs that work to alleviate pain or...


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TMJ Walnut Creek CA

June 2011 · Leave a Comment 

According to Dr. T.J. Bachmeyer, a Walnut Creek Chiropractor, TMJ can certainly be given chiropractic care. For those who are not familiar with TMJ or Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction, here’s a quick explanation. TMJ happens when the disk in your jaw gets displaced, this particular condition causes a person to have a difficulty...

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When To Call A Chiropractor? Conditions That Respond Well To Chiropractic Treatment

Some people think chiropractors only treat back pain, but actually they are specialists in the entire musculoskeletal system. They do focus primarily on the spine and surrounding tissues, but the spine is intimately related to good functioning of the...

Health News and Notes

Health News

Chiropractic Care and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

After years of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, large numbers of U.S. servicemen and women have returned home with a wide range of physical and psychological injuries. While the American media has done a great deal to raise awareness of many of the challenges they face, from traumatic brain injuries and lost limbs to hearing loss and PTSD, other health issues have received much less attention....

Anatomy of the Wrist

The wrist is the name usually given to the eight carpal bones (the lunate, scaphoid, triquetrum, pisiform, trapezium, capitate, hamate and trapezoid carpals) that form the part of the hand closest to the forearm, and the joints that they form with each other and the bones of the forearm and hand. The radio carpal joint connects the hand to the forearm and involves the distal end (furthest from the...

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